What is Java Programming Used For?

Java is a general-purpose programming language and a platform. Java is a concurrent, object-oriented, robust, and secured computer-programming language. It is called a platform because it has its own API and runtime environment known as, Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  It is used by developers all over the world and it can run on all platforms that support Java. It is one of the most used programming languages and is reportedly used by more than 9 million developers. Might be you have a question! okay! then Where Java programming used for?

How to Learn Java with No Programming Experience

What is Java Programming Used For?

Java is a computer programming language which is currently used in more than 3 billion devices. Some of the devices where Java is used are Mobile, Smart Card, Robotics, Games, and Embedded System. Various desktop, web, and enterprise applications such as media player, irctc.cp.in, antivirus, banking applications, and acrobat reader also use Java.

Types of Java Applications:

Java is mainly used to create 4 types of applications. They are:

  1. Standalone Application

Standalone Application is the traditional desktop or window-based software that is installed on every system. It is the platform application that is installed independently in each operating system. Standalone application doesn’t need the operating system’s services to run as a separate computer process.

Antivirus, acrobat reader, and media player are some examples of standalone application. Lang, Text, RMI, and Beans are some Java packages used to create such application.

  1. Web Application

A Web application is an application that runs on the server side and makes a dynamic page. Such application runs in a web browser and is a client-server program.

Webmail, online auctions, wikis, etc. are some examples of web applications. Some of the technologies that are used in Java for creating such an application are Spring, JSF, Servlet, Struts, and JSP.

  1. Enterprise Application

Enterprise Application is such an application that is distributed in nature. They are complex, object-oriented, scalable, and component-based.

Such application is mostly used in big businesses in order to solve business-related problems and achieve the organization’s objective.

Banking applications are one some example of this application. EJB is an important Java tool used to make enterprise application.

  1. Mobile Application

As the name suggests, a mobile application is an application that is made for cell phones. They are also known simply as an app and are created to operate on a smartphone or tablet computer.

A mobile application is designed to provide services similar to a computer on mobile devices. Android and Java ME are the two tools used to make a mobile application.

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Java programming Platforms

Java HelloWorld
Image credit: princeton.edu

The four main editions or platforms of Java are:

  1. Java Standard Edition ( Java SE )

Java SE is a platform that is used to create and deploy the codes for computer and server environments. This edition helps the developers to create and operate Java applications on desktops and serves. It is the core Java programming platform and contains all of the libraries that the programmers should know about.

Some of the packages used in this edition are java.lang, java.math, java.util, java.sql, java.swing, and org.omg.CORBA. String, Inner classes, Networking, Regex, AWT, Collection, OOPs, I/O Stream, Multithreading, Reflection, Exception, and Swing are the core topics included in it.

  1. Java Enterprise Edition ( Java EE )

Java EE is a platform that is specified for enterprise and web services. It is an extension of Java SE platform and is mainly focused on enterprise feature. It includes topics likes Enterprise JavaBeans, JSP, JDBC, Servlets, Connectors, JPA, EJB, and Web Service.

It has all the features of Java SE along with additional libraries in order to provide new functionality to the programmers. Java EE helps to develop software based largely on modular components.

  1. Java Micro Edition ( Java ME )

Java ME is a platform that is used to create an application for mobile devices. It is a micro platform and is used to develop code for sensors, printers, cell phones, and other mobile devices.

It is also known as a micro version of Java SE and has functionalities are that specific to mobile devices. Java ME provides a flexible environment and robust security and helps to develop and deploy programs that are portable in nature.

  1. JavaFX

JavaFX is a platform used to create desktop and internet applications that can be operated in a number of devices. It is a set of graphics and packages that help the programmers to create, test, and operate applications that can be operated in various different platforms.

It supports desktop and web browsers in various operating systems including Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. It was created in order to perform as the standard GUI library for Java SE replacing Swing. JavaFX included classes and interfaces that are written in native Java code and is designed to be user-friendly.

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